JFLI Seminars on Real-Time Systems and Constraint Programming

Date: Monday Oct 15, 2018

Time: 16:30

Place: NII

Title: Parametric timed automata to model and verify real-time systems under uncertainty

Speaker: Etienne André  (NII and JFLI and Univ. Paris 13)

Critical real-time systems must be formally verified to prevent any undesired behavior. When some timing constants are known with only a limited precision, traditional timed model-checking techniques may not apply anymore. We use here the formalism of parametric timed automata. Parametric timed automata are very expressive, and decision problems are notoriously very hard (in fact most interesting decision problems are undecidable). On the one hand, we review decidability results, and propose new decidable subclasses. On the other hand, we adopt a more pragmatic approach, and show that parametric timed automata allow us to model and verify distributed real-time systems; using the IMITATOR software, we derive best- and worst-case execution times for a real-time system designed by Thales, and subject to uncertainty in some tasks periods.

Title: Constraint Programming

Speaker: Florian Richoux  (NII and JFLI and Univ. Nantes)

After a short introduction of myself, I will give a
gentle introduction of my research field, contraint programming, and my
research plan at JFLI in the year to come.

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